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End With Thanksgiving To GOD

Did you give something to others, helping others and then those who accept them thank you?
How do you feel when can give something to others, helping others who need help and they say thank you for your help?
Your feelings are certainly pleased and happy, right?
Although only gratitude, but it can improve
Your happiness in giving something.
Thus the feelings of the giver with whom he had given an expression of gratitude.
Do we, that this life is a gift of Allah the Lord of the Own Life?
Life is not our wills, but the will of Allah SWT.
So we stood in the life of this world as an "object" accepting life with all the gifts that He has given. Stand in position ourselves as "servants" or "servant" of Allah the Almighty on our lives.
Realizing position ourselves, think again what has been given
Allah God Almighty Giver to ourselves?
Think again, so much pleasure and a special gift that God has given us. Reflect back what is in us today, how much we already have.
- Health our bodies and our families.
- Clothing and food we have enjoyed over the years.
- Life is calm, peaceful and happy so far.
- How very valuable to have both eyes capable of seeing the world.
- How precious to have both legs that support the load function
our body
What a very special gift of reasonable intelligence and a sound mind.
With the power of reason and intelligence of a healthy mind, humans can live life with different dynamics. Navigating the world with the knowledge, space and depth through the oceans with his intelligence.
Do we think that everything is so trivial and simple, so easy to ignore?
Do we feel it is not nothing compared with what we are after and we do not have all this time?
Think, if we want to swap the two eyes with abundant wealth,
Or are we willing to sell hearing with gold jewelry?
health mortgaged with the palace towering?
Would we exchanged hands and feet with a luxury car, while we stump?
Or will you we have a mountain of treasure, but reason and mind
unhealthy, aka not sane?
So actually, we have been living in the pleasure would not be willing to let go just for the sake of fortune, wealth, position, pleasure and something that is not the world we have.
No wonder then if later we ever thank the Lord the Giver of Life.
No wonder if then we thank God the Merciful and All-Giver.
Thankful, it means appreciating the gift he gave, the grace of developing your own potential and use it for welfare to self and others.
Grateful consciousness of Allah will be able to open the eyes of our hearts, open our minds to focus on giving and willingness to share, rather than focus on waiting and expecting something that does not exist.
End With Gratitude Habit is humility, acknowledge
acknowledge the gift from Allah the Almighty has a life, not from the other. Does our current position as a businessman, as an employee, as an employee, director, manager, successful people, rich people, leaders, ordinary citizens, or anyone, deserves every step in the end the daily kehiduapn with gratitude. What have we got in the business, in work, in trying to, in essence comes from Allah. It's possible the cause of friends, family, relatives, friends at work, trade, business, or other. All of it is just an intermediary.
So always End With Gratitude Habits, this means we
restore our lives to the Giver of Life. Realizing it is the gift of Allah the Almighty Giver. These habits will affect the heart and sincerity to flatter Essence oral Spirit. Then members of the body we will use all the gifts are for life in accordance with the will of Allah "The Giver of Life.
Ending With Gratitude Habits, does not mean kill the spirit and motivation to progress and achieve higher life achievements. But such awareness will make that we are not greedy and ignore the gift and the gift that we already have. Such awareness, make us able to enjoy every stage of the process toward the goal of life with gratitude and happiness.
Gratitude is the manifestation of the habit of speech applications "hamdallah"
as taught in our religious life. In each step movement of life, in every what we get, in each of what we have done, always end by saying, "Praise And Thanks To Allah SWT only." Because actually all belong to Allah God Almighty has and will come back to him.
Make it your habit, then feel the real success, "the ultimate meaning" or the ultimate meaning of life, that feeling of happiness in gratitude to Allah SWT.

The Power Story of Cinderella

Understand in detail is important. Even spelling out the letters as letters rose is a thing that should not be underestimated.
Let us ponder misguided Cinderella story.
Because of a speller made one small mistake, Cinderella finally wearing the wrong footwear forever.
In 1697, a Frenchman named Charles Perrault Cinderella story to the copy in its own language, French. In previous Cinderella story, Cinderella shoes made from squirrel fur is white and gray. French word for fur is 'vair'. Charles one copy, that Cinderella shoes made of 'verre', which sounds the same as 'vair', but different meaning of 'glass'.
Since then the children worldwide to imagine there is a sparkling glass slipper left on the steps of the palace, and they wondered why they had never seen shoes like that in reality.
How wrong spelling, which sometimes we deem trivial, has made all the children in this world have received the wrong story.


Someone found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small hole appeared. He sat watching the butterflies when candidates struggled to force himself through the small hole. Then the butterfly stopped making progress. Seems he has tried he could and could not further. Finally someone decided to help him. He took a scissors and cut the remaining confinement of the sac.
These butterflies come out with ease. But he has a swollen body and small shriveled wings. These people continue to watch because he hoped that at some point, the wings that will bloom and widened so as to sustain his body, which may develop over time.
It all never happened. In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of his life by crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. He never could fly.
What is not understandable from the good and the rush of people was that inhibiting the cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly through a small hole is God's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that he'll be ready to fly so he gain freedom from the cocoon.
Sometimes the struggle is one we need in our lives. If God let us live without the constraints of struggle, it's probably just going to paralyze us. We may not be as strong as that should you need to sustain the ideals and expectations that we ask. We may never be able to "Fly".
Surely God is All-Compassionate and Merciful.
 We begged Strength ... And God gave us the difficulties to make us stronger.
 We ask policy ... And God gave us life issues to be resolved so that we grow wise.
 We ask prosperity ... And God gave us brains and power to be used completely in achieving prosperity.
 We ask Tenacity ... And God gave disasters and hazards to overcome.
 We beg Love ... And God gave us those problems to be rescued and loved.
 We ask Generosity Kindness Heart ... And God gave us the opportunities which in turns.
That's the way God guide We ...
Would if I do not get what I want, meaning that I did not get everything I need?
Sometimes God does not give what we ask for, but with God would provide the best for us. Most of us do not understand, know, do not even want to accept God's plan, even though they were the best for us.


The first conqueror of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak in the Himalayas, Sir Edmund Hillary, was once asked a reporter about what is most feared in exploring nature. He then claimed not to fear the wild beasts, a steep cliff, a giant iceberg, or a vast desert and arid even once!
Then what?
"An sand tucked in between the toes," said Hillary.
Journalist surprised, but the explorers went on to say,
"An entry in the sand between your toes every so often be the beginning of a disaster. He could get into the skin or penetrate through the nail foot. After a long time toe infection, and then rot. Without realizing it, kakipun not be moved. That was a disaster for an explorer because he must ditandu. "
Tigers, crocodiles, and bears, though wild, animals instinctively are afraid of humans. Is dealing with deep ravines and desert ganasnya, an explorer already have adequate preparation. However, if facing a grain of sand that will go to the toes, an explorer could not prepare her. He tends to ignore. What Hillary stated, if we contemplate, actually the same as those who ignore the small sins. People who do minor sins, such as experimenting tasted liquor or speak ill of others, often find it is a minor sin. Therefore, many people are too far to small sins so that gradually became a habit.
When it became a habit, small sins that will turn into a big sin that is very dangerous to himself and others.
Underestimate the job - a small job will also give the same bad effect on our work performance.


Faris came out of the yard of his house, walking aimlessly with despair. Already he was unemployed for a long time. Family financial conditions helter-skelter. While busy fulfilling her neighbors house with luxury items, he is still struggling to figure out how to meet basic family needs food and shelter. The child and family had long been bought clothes, she often get angry because they can not buy goods worth households. Actually Faris was not resistant to this condition, and he was not sure that even this journey times will bring good luck, ie get a job.
When Faris was cruising the streets deserted, suddenly, his feet hit something. Feeling curious he bent down and picked it up. "Uh, just an ancient coin that has been dented," he grumbled disappointed. Even so he took the coin to a bank.
"We recommend this coin collector Mr Bring it to the old money," said Bank teller advised. Faris follow the recommendations teller, bringing the coin to a collector. Fortunately, the collector to appreciate the coin worth 300 thousand.
Faris felt very excited and he starts thinking about what she would do with this windfall. When passing a hardware store, he saw several pieces of wood on sale. He could make some shelves for his wife because his wife had said they had no place to store vases and jars.
After buying 300 thousand worth of wood, wood Faris shouldered and headed home. Along the way he passed the shop of a furniture maker. Garage owner's trained eyes saw wood dipanggul Faris. The wood is beautiful, great color, and quality is renowned. Incidentally at that time there is an order furniture. He offered money of 1 million in Faris. Faris seems doubtful - in doubt, but the craftsmen were assured and even offers ready-made furniture for Faris selected. Incidentally there was a wardrobe that must have liked his wife. He exchanged the wood and borrow a cart to carry the cabinet. Faris, was soon brought him home.
Faris Halfway through the new housing. A woman who was decorating her new house looked out the window and saw him pushing the cart contains a beautiful cabinet. The women lured and bargain with the price of 2 million. When Faris seemed in doubt, the woman raised the offer to 2.5 million. Faris agreed. Then return the carts to the craftsmen and headed home.
At the door of the village, Faris paused and wanted to make sure the money he received. He reached into his pocket and counted the sheets valued at 2.5 million. At the same time, a robber out of the bushes, brandishing knives, seized the money, then fled. Faris wife happened to look and ran toward her husband and asked, "What happened? You're okay right? What was taken by the robbers?" Faris just shrugged and said, "Oh, it's nothing. Only a dented coin I'd found this morning. "