Senin, 03 Mei 2010


The first conqueror of Mount Everest, the world's highest peak in the Himalayas, Sir Edmund Hillary, was once asked a reporter about what is most feared in exploring nature. He then claimed not to fear the wild beasts, a steep cliff, a giant iceberg, or a vast desert and arid even once!
Then what?
"An sand tucked in between the toes," said Hillary.
Journalist surprised, but the explorers went on to say,
"An entry in the sand between your toes every so often be the beginning of a disaster. He could get into the skin or penetrate through the nail foot. After a long time toe infection, and then rot. Without realizing it, kakipun not be moved. That was a disaster for an explorer because he must ditandu. "
Tigers, crocodiles, and bears, though wild, animals instinctively are afraid of humans. Is dealing with deep ravines and desert ganasnya, an explorer already have adequate preparation. However, if facing a grain of sand that will go to the toes, an explorer could not prepare her. He tends to ignore. What Hillary stated, if we contemplate, actually the same as those who ignore the small sins. People who do minor sins, such as experimenting tasted liquor or speak ill of others, often find it is a minor sin. Therefore, many people are too far to small sins so that gradually became a habit.
When it became a habit, small sins that will turn into a big sin that is very dangerous to himself and others.
Underestimate the job - a small job will also give the same bad effect on our work performance.

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