Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Faris came out of the yard of his house, walking aimlessly with despair. Already he was unemployed for a long time. Family financial conditions helter-skelter. While busy fulfilling her neighbors house with luxury items, he is still struggling to figure out how to meet basic family needs food and shelter. The child and family had long been bought clothes, she often get angry because they can not buy goods worth households. Actually Faris was not resistant to this condition, and he was not sure that even this journey times will bring good luck, ie get a job.
When Faris was cruising the streets deserted, suddenly, his feet hit something. Feeling curious he bent down and picked it up. "Uh, just an ancient coin that has been dented," he grumbled disappointed. Even so he took the coin to a bank.
"We recommend this coin collector Mr Bring it to the old money," said Bank teller advised. Faris follow the recommendations teller, bringing the coin to a collector. Fortunately, the collector to appreciate the coin worth 300 thousand.
Faris felt very excited and he starts thinking about what she would do with this windfall. When passing a hardware store, he saw several pieces of wood on sale. He could make some shelves for his wife because his wife had said they had no place to store vases and jars.
After buying 300 thousand worth of wood, wood Faris shouldered and headed home. Along the way he passed the shop of a furniture maker. Garage owner's trained eyes saw wood dipanggul Faris. The wood is beautiful, great color, and quality is renowned. Incidentally at that time there is an order furniture. He offered money of 1 million in Faris. Faris seems doubtful - in doubt, but the craftsmen were assured and even offers ready-made furniture for Faris selected. Incidentally there was a wardrobe that must have liked his wife. He exchanged the wood and borrow a cart to carry the cabinet. Faris, was soon brought him home.
Faris Halfway through the new housing. A woman who was decorating her new house looked out the window and saw him pushing the cart contains a beautiful cabinet. The women lured and bargain with the price of 2 million. When Faris seemed in doubt, the woman raised the offer to 2.5 million. Faris agreed. Then return the carts to the craftsmen and headed home.
At the door of the village, Faris paused and wanted to make sure the money he received. He reached into his pocket and counted the sheets valued at 2.5 million. At the same time, a robber out of the bushes, brandishing knives, seized the money, then fled. Faris wife happened to look and ran toward her husband and asked, "What happened? You're okay right? What was taken by the robbers?" Faris just shrugged and said, "Oh, it's nothing. Only a dented coin I'd found this morning. "

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