Senin, 03 Mei 2010


This story about a family that originally lived simply. Thanks to the hard work that couples can build a substantial business. But they forgot and really get stuck in a very time-consuming activity. In fact they become very rarely communicate with Annie, their only daughter who was four years old.
Once Ani playing and painting himself and his family. Longing for the warmth of affection of a family he luapkan on paintings which he scratched at his father's favorite expensive cars. He did not realize that what he did would provoke the anger of her parents.
When the father knows full of expensive cars with graffiti-graffiti scratches, so he was very angry. With full rage, the father directly punish Ani. To the extent Ani injured right wrist. For two days the wound did not care, until it ultimately cuts new Ani has been severe and immediately rushed to the hospital. But it was too late, the doctor said that Ani's wrist had to be amputated.
At Ani realized being treated in hospital and his right hand is missing, she cried and begged forgiveness of his father. He thinks his right hand hidden by his father. He said, "Daddy, Ani promise not to scribble his van again. Ani's appointment will not be naughty again. But please Daddy, give me back my right hand."
The father wept to hear the sentences of regret that comes out of her mouth. He is very sorry for having to punish Ani, who is his beloved daughter. Whereas previously he had thought that the successes he woke up and expensive cars are valuable. Since the incident he felt that the wealth and success he has gained so empty and insignificant at all.

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