Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Before Lebaran, Arief bought several rolls of wrapping paper. Ilma, her young daughter, asked for a roll.
"For what?", Said Arief.
'For a gift, would love the gift ", replied the little Ilma cheerfully.
"Do not be thrown away - wasted yes", the message of the father handing him a small roll.
Ilma-ran into her room with joy.
Just at the feast, morning - morning Ilma was awake and woke his father, "Pa, Pa ... no prizes for Papa."
The father who had to get ready - ready to go into the field to perform the Eid prayer, got up and took a towel, going to the bathroom.
"Wait a minute, Pa ... received first prize!", While intercepting Ilma fresh footsteps of his father.
"Come later. We must be quick - quick, so do not be late Eid prayers."
But the child never gave up, "Pa, Pa, thank dululah Lebaran ... This is a gift for Dad!".
"Okay ... okay ... but this exhausted Ilma should immediately shower yaaa ... This paper presents from Dad's time, right? Prize What happened?".
"If curious, open aja now", said Ilma coquettish.
And Arief-opened package.
Apparently in it just an empty box. Does not contain anything. "Ah, you might have. Bingkisannya kok empty. Buang - aja wrapping paper waste. You know if the wrapping paper was not to play - play like this?".
Ilma replied, "No Dad, not empty. Earlier, Ilma so buaanyaak enter a kiss for Daddy."
Arief was touched to hear her answer. He was raised by loving Ilma. Hugged ... kissed ...
"Ilma, Papa has never received this beautiful gift. Papa will always keep this box. Papa will bring to the office and once - so if I have to kiss Ilma, Papa would take one. Later on when a blank is filled again yes!".
An empty box which was previously considered a blank for a moment, do not have any value, arrived - arrived fully charged and has a value so highly.
Other people will still consider it an empty box, but for Arief, the box has been filled with love. Empty and full, two - both are products of "mind" of our own.
As we looked at life. Thus our lives. Life becomes meaningful, meaningful, because we give meaning to him. For those who do not give meaning, life is like a blank sheet of paper.

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