Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Long ago, at the Bamboo Curtain country there lived a girl named Lili.
He was newly married and living in a beautiful cottage-in-law. In a short time, Lily knows that she is not fit to live at home with mother-in-law. Their temperament is very contradictory, they never stopped argue and fight.
Until one day, Lili really can not stand anymore of the nature and treatment of the mother-in-law. Lili is determined to do something. Lili went to see Seoang Teacher, which is skilled in medicine. He told the situation and ask for poison potions made to end the life of the mother-in-law!
The teacher thought for a moment. He saw that Lili was really dark eyes. If he does not "help" Lili, Lili would be looking for other ways to realize his intentions. Finally the teacher said, "Lili, I'll help you to get rid of the mother-in-law. I'll give herbs that will slowly become toxic in the body of the mother-in-law. Every day, provide delicious food and enter this into it a little herb . Then, so no one would suspect when he died later on, you must be very carefully and was very friendly with him. Do not argue with him, just obey all his desires, and treat her like your own mother. "
Lili received a potion and go home to launch an action.
Every day, Lili-in-law served with delicious food, which is already "dibumbuinya". She applies a good indication of the Master.
To avoid suspicion, so he began to learn to control his temper, did not oppose the will mother-in-law, and treated him like his own mother.
After several months, the atmosphere in the house was changed completely. Lili becomes capable of controlling his temper in such a way that he never again upset the minister's mother-in-law. Lili's mother-in-law attitude toward any change and start loving Lily as his own daughter. He told relatives that Lili is a very good law. Lili and her mother-treat one another
like a real mother and child.
Lili decides to go meet the Guru and begged his help once again, "Master, help me to counteract the poison that I gave to my mother-in-law. He has become so well-in-law. I love him like my own mother. I do not want him to die .
The Teacher smiled as he said, 'Lili, I gave it only herb body booster for his health. The only poison is what is contained in your own mind, but the poison had now been discharged tertangkal by your love. Go home. "

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