Senin, 03 Mei 2010


"Huuu .... uuura!" Cries of joy from a mother who receives a telegram from his son who has many - years to disappear. Moreover, he is the son of one - only. It's known these kids go to the Vietnam war were assigned to four years ago and since the last three years, his parents have never received word back from the son's only child, so that his son allegedly killed dimedan war. We can imagine how happy feelings of the mother. In the telegram stated that her son will be home tomorrow.
The next day everything has been prepared to welcome the arrival of single-favorite son, even at night there will be a special party for him, whereby all family members and associates - a business associate of her husband invited all. Bank Director's known her husband was famous throughout the capital city of the Great.
Later that day the mother received a phone call from her son who was in the airport. The child asked, "Mother may I bring my best friend?".
"Oh, of course, our homes and kamarpun big enough, take it, do not be shy - shy, take it!", Replied the mother.
"But my friend shortcoming, because the victims of war in Vietnam?".
Oooh "...... not be a problem, may I know what part of the handicapped? ", The mother's tone was slightly decreased
"He lost his right hand and both legs!".
With the tone a bit forced, because they do not want to disappoint her mother said, "If only for a few days, I think does not matter."
"There's one more thing to my mother tell me the same, my friend's face were also damaged as well as the skin, because most burned, it's known at the time he wanted to help his friend he stepped on a mine, so that's not the hands and legs are broken but the entire face and body part on fire! ".
Mother sounded disappointed and upset said "Son, next time your friend invited us home for a while just tell he was living in a hotel, if you need to let me pay for lodging costs!".
"But he is a good friend of my Mom, I do not want to separate from him!".
"Try to think about my son, your father is a prominent conglomerate, and we often had guests high-ranking officials or people - important people who visited our house, let alone later tonight we will feast tonight even be attended by a minister, what do they say when they will see a misshapen body and face damaged? How common view and how the environment can accept us later? Do not be lowering our dignity? fact do - do later could damage the image of your father's business binis. " Without any further answers the phone from her son decided and closed.
Parents are the child, as well as the guests wait until the night turns out the boy did not come home. Her mother thought her son was angry because it hurt, because her friends are not allowed to visit their home. At three in the morning, they got a call from the hospital, so that they will come there, because they have to identify the bodies of people who committed suicide. The corpse of a young ex-soldiers of Vietnam, who have lost arms and legs and wajahnyapun been damaged by fire. At first they thought that it was the body of his friend, but in fact the young man was his own son! To defend the name and status, they eventually lost son solo!
We will assess that the parents of the child is cruel and the only important names and their status alone, then what about ourselves? Do we have another of them?

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