Senin, 03 Mei 2010


It hurts when I have to re-tell this story. But I still have to share it, that there be no prodigal son like me.
My mother only had an eye. And it makes me really hate him. I'm embarrassed to have a mother who looks ugly like that. Moreover, mothers are always doing things - a shame, as like going to the market and picking up some fall vegetables to be cooked at home or come from house to house to wash the clothes of the neighbor. With a hoarse voice due to flow, my mother used to say, "Do not be ashamed if we do the work of kosher. All mothers do this so we can stay alive, and you still can go to school. " But I do not care about the explanation. Anyway ... do any of the mother, always made me ashamed.
One day, my mom came to my school to give an explanation why I'm late paying tuition. Of course I'm embarrassed ... I Turn away from it and ran away. When my friend asked, "What is your mother's one-eyed, huh?" I heard like a mockery of a very painful and I wish my mom would just disappear from the earth.
"Mother, until when the mother will continue - constantly embarrass me? Why not mother die? ", I snapped at my mother. My mother was quiet and my eyes she looked like a chump. Because the mother was never angry or punish me, so I just snapped delicious - every day he snapped.
One night I woke up and saw the mother crying alone in the kitchen. Tears rolled from his eyes that just one but his voice was muffled, almost inaudible ... It seems he was afraid that woke me up.
Plus I hate one-eyed mom!
I want to quickly - quickly leaving rumah.Aku determined to be a successful person. Therefore, I study hard tireless. Thanks to my hard work, I could finish college, though I admit, it was also the mother of the money earned from their work shameful.
Immediately after getting a job in town, I married a beautiful woman of good heart. I left my past as well as my mother is embarrassing. I also began to forget my mother, especially because now in my house already have 2 children - my son is agile and intelligent.
I really - really happy ...
Until one day, the joy was disturbed by a knock at the door. My little girl who opened the door screamed in fear. One-eyed I saw my mother standing in the doorway.
"Hey, who are you?". I snapped pretending - pretending not to know. When my mother would explain, I just throw her, "Go away! You've made my fear! ".
With difficulty - the brick he said, "Sorry, maybe I'm wrong address."
Immediately shut the door of the house and reorganize the troubled breath.
And now, I'm lying limp once read a letter from my mother that I hate. Sentence by sentence, composed very simply, devastated me, "Son, let mom told me about something you might not want you to hear. When you were little, our calamity strikes. Accident that killed your father, it also removes one ball in your eyes. Mother does not want you to face the world with only one eye, then transplanted into the mother's eyes kurelakan your eyes. And I'm very happy, because now you can see the wide world through an eye from me. When you read this letter, I did not know was where, because our old house had been purchased people ".

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