Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Often times people do not appreciate what he has until the end ... Rani, call it as the name implies, slumped in a deep penyesalam.
Rani is brilliant and female brains have high ideals. Since incoming campus, attitudes and self concept was clear: achieve the best, in the academic field and profession that will they do. "Why not" the best ", he said, always, to quote a former president of the United States. When the University sends students to study International Law at the Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands, Rani, including one of them. I prefer to finish medical school. Next, Rani got my level''companion''; are both outstanding, although the different professions. Alifya, the fruit of their love, born when Rani was named a diplomat, to coincide with the completion husband she took a PhD. Complete their happiness. It is said that their son's name was taken from the first letter alif hijaiyah''last''and''yes''letters, be a nice name: Alifya. My thought was, what they intend to make it as child's first and last.
When Alif, calls it his son, aged six months, Rani getting crazy busy. Bath garuda, almost every day he flew from one city to another and from one country to another. My sincere once asked,''Would not the Alif is too small to be left to live?''
Rani swiftly replied,''Oh, I already anticipate everything. Everything is OK!''Remark that he really prove. Care and attention to their children, are handled professionally by a baby sitter expensive. Rani lives Alif control schedule by phone. Alif grow into a child who looks lively, smart and easy to understand. Grandparents to grandchildren always infuse pride mere puppets, about the greatness of their parents. About the title and big names, about flying, and a lot of money. Father-mother''Contohlah Alif Alif when you grow up.''As always Alif grandmother, his mother Rani, gave orders at the end of the tale before sleep.
When 3-year-old Alif, Rani's brother told me if he asks. Surprised by the unexpected demand, Rani and her husband returned to claim her child understanding. Their activities has not been possible to bring a sister for Alif. Again, this little boy his parents''understand''. The proof, Rani said, she did not whine ask brother. Alif, apparently inherited her mother's character is not a whiner. Though her parents often come home late, he rarely sulk. In fact, Rani said, Alif is always full of cheerful welcome. So, my little angel Rani''hello''.
It was a happy family, I thought. Although his parents super busy, full of love Alif keeps growing. Secretly, I envied this family. One day, towards the Rani went to the office, somehow refused to bathe the baby sitter Alif. Mother bathed Alif''wants,''he said hopefully. Rani erratic course, the second to the second timing is calculated, rage. He dismissed the demand while remaining nimble Alif dress up and prepare for office purposes. Alif also helped persuade her husband to take a bath with Tante Mien, his baby sitter. Again, with the understanding according to Alif, although his face sullen. This event was repeated until nearly a week. ''Mother, bathed me!''Alif sound more and stressful. Toh, Rani and her husband thought, maybe it's because Alif is in the pre-school, become a bit more for attention. Once persuaded, cajoled, finally Alif could be left behind as well.
Until one afternoon, I was startled closer Mien, the baby sitter. ''Bu doctors, Alif fever and seizures. Now in Emergency.''Half a fly, I sped to the ER. But it was too late. God Almighty had other plans. Alif, the little angel, trigger was called back by him. Rani, when told about Alif, was inaugurated the new office. He was shocked. Arriving home, the only thing he wants is to bathe her son. After last week began demanding Alif, Rani's commitment to a store when bathing her own. And that afternoon, Rani promise materialized, even after; little body lay still. ''This is the Mother of LIF, Mother bathed Alif,''she said softly, the quiet amid pilgrims. One by one colleague to get away from Rani's side, trying to hide the tears.
When the red soil had buried the body of the child, we still stood motionless on the side of the tomb. Many times Rani, a strong friend, said,''It's a given, right. Same thing, I was next to or across the ocean, when it's time, yes he's gone too right?''I said nothing. Rani did not have to taste the entertainment of others. Her husband still like lifeless. His face was pale, his eyes vacant. ''This is a consequence of a choice,''Rani continued, still trying to tough and strong. There was a pause.
Twilight wind blew the smell of frangipani flowers. Rani suddenly knelt down. ''I ibunyaaa!''She cried hysterically, then tergugu great. It only seems this time I watched Rani cried, all the more a cry that burst. LIF''Arise, Mother would bathe the Alif. Give it a chance once the Mother of LIF. Just once,''Rani .. Aliiif pleading whimper. Seconds later, he bumped into the grave and lying facedown on top. The tears were flooding the body shade of red dirt Alif. Dusk was getting old. Rice has become porridge, regretfully no longer helpful. Seemingly trivial things often lead to regret and profound loss. Many times busy people 'in the outcome', cool with his world and his own ambition is not to ignore people - people who cared for nearby. Will still have time 'later' for them so just ignore them first. Often times people arrogant and feel confident that the understanding and affection they receive will not be lost. Feel they will understand because they love him and will always be there.

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