Senin, 03 Mei 2010


This story happened in Russia.
A father who has sons aged approximately 5 years, these include her son to school to learn piano music. He missed seeing his son would become a famous pianist. After some time later, the city came to a very famous pianist. Because of his fame, in a very short time has been sold out concert tickets. The father bought two tickets fruits, for herself and her child.
On the day of performance, one hour before the concert began, the chair is fully charged, the father and son were just sitting beside her.
Like a child, this child could not sit still for too long at home, without the knowledge of his father, he slipped away.
When the building began in Dim the lights, the father was surprised to realize that his son was not there beside her. He was even more surprised when he saw his son was near the stage show, and was walking over to the piano to be played by the pianist. Driven by curiosity, without the fear of the child is sitting at the piano and began playing a song, a simple song, Twinkle2 Little Star.
Spotlight operator, who was surprised to hear there is thought that a concert piano sound has been started without aba - aba advance, and she just shined the lights in the direction of the stage. The entire audience was shocked, to see that being on stage rather than a pianist, but it was a small child. The pianist was also surprised, rushed up and over the stage. Seeing the child, the pianist did not get angry, he smiled and said "Keep playing", and the boy who got a permit, continue the game.
The pianist and sat beside the boy, and began playing the game compensate for the boy, he filled all the weaknesses of the boy's game, and finally created a game that is very beautiful composition. Even though they are united in piano playing.
When they were finished, the audience greeted with great fanfare, a wreath was thrown ketengah stage. The girl was so GR, he thought, "Blimey, a new study just been a great month!". He forgets that the audience is disoraki by a pianist who sat beside him, filling all the shortcomings and make the game perfect.
What are the implications in our lives?
Sometimes we are proud of all the great plans we make or deeds - deeds we have done great, but we forget ... that all that happened because the Lord is beside us. We are the little children.
With no Lord beside us, we are nothing - nothing. But if the Lord is beside us ... as simple as whatever we do, it will be great and good, not only for ourselves but also good for those around

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