Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Burhan met with Nadia when invited to attend a thanksgiving ceremony Doni family. In the eyes of Burhan, Nadia is an amazing girl. Many men tried to approach him. While he himself was just a regular guy. Nothing is so care. When it was over and the guests - guests go home, Doni Nadia invited to have coffee with him. Although surprised by the invitation of a sudden, the girl did not want to disappoint him.
The three of them sat in a comfortable round table. Burhan was so nervous to say something, while the girls feel very uncomfortable. "Come on, hurry. I want to go home", said the girl in his heart.
Burhan suddenly said to the waiter, "Please give me the salt. I want to put in my coffee." Nadia and Doni looked and looked strangely at him. His face became red in cash, but he still picked it up and put some salt in the coffee and drink coffee. Nadia asked curiously at him, "a very strange way you why?".
"When I was a kid, I lived near the sea. I really like playing in the sea, where I could feel the sea ... salty and bitter. Just like the taste of this coffee," replied the boy. "Now, every time I have the salty coffee, I was reminded of my childhood, the land of my birth. I really miss home, miss my parents who still live there", he added with tears.
Nadia was so touched. It is very touching. Feelings are so deep from a man who expresses the longing for home. "He was definitely one who loves and really care about going home and family. He definitely has a sense of responsibility would be his home ", thought to carry away Nadia. Then Nadia talks start, beginning with a story about where he lived far away, his childhood, his family ... Discussion is very attractive to them. And it's also a beautiful beginning of their romance.
Burhan and Nadia continues to build relationships. Realize that Burhan Nadia is her ideal man. He was so tolerant, generous, warm, attentive ... anyway he is a good man who was almost ignored. Luckily there are salty coffee!
In short, Burhan and Nadia get married. They lived happily ... And, each made him a cup of coffee, Nadia always put a little salt in it, because she knows that her husband's favorite.
After 40 years passed, Burhan died. He left a letter for Nadia: "Honey, I'm sorry. Excuse me lies that have been made throughout my life. This is the only lie to you --- the salty coffee. You remember when we first met? I was very nervous at that time . Actually, I want a little sugar. But instead I said salt. At the time I wanted to cancel it, but I could not, so I leave it all up. I never thought if it in fact be the beginning of our conversation. I've tried to tell the truth you. I've tried it a few times in my life, but I was so scared to do it, because I had promised not to hide anything from you ... Now I'm dying. No more can I worried about, then I'll tell you this: I did not like the salty coffee. But since I know you, I always drink coffee that tastes salty for all my life. I never regret for all that I have done to you. I've never regretted it. Can be beside you is the greatest happiness in my life. If I have the opportunity to live life again, I'd still be trying to get to know you and make you my wife even though I have the salty coffee again. "
As he read, tears wetting Nadia letter. One day someone asked him, "How does the coffee taste salty?", He replied, "I think it's cute."

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