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There was a young girl who really loves dancing. Cleverness dancing very prominent compared with colleagues - colleagues, so he is often become champions in various competitions held. He thought, with what they have today, a moment when you grow up he wanted to be a world class dancer. He imagined himself to dance in Russia, China, America, Japan, and watched by thousands of people who give him applause.
One day, the town was visited by an expert in dance from abroad. These experts are great, and has a lot of cold hands born world-class dancers. This young girl wanted to dance and show his skill in front of these experts, even if it may get the chance to become his disciple.
Finally the opportunity came. The young girl managed to meet the experts behind the stage, after a dance performance.
The young girl asked "Sir, I really want to be a world class dancer. Do you have a moment, to rate my dancing? I want to know what you think about my dance." "Okay, dance in front of me for 10 minutes," replied the expert.
Yet another 10 minutes passed, the expert stood from his chair and leaving the young girl passed away, without saying a word. What destroyed the young girl's heart to see the attitude of the experts. The girl ran out. Come home, she immediately burst into tears. He became a hate towards itself. Apparently during this dance that he is proud-proud of nothing - my ass in front of the expert. Then she took her shoes tarinya and throw him into the barn. Since then, she vowed never to dance again.
Dozens of years passed. The young girl has now become a mother with three children .. Her husband had died. And to support his family, he worked to be the servant of a shop on the corner.
One day, there was a dance show which was held in the city. The experts appear to be among the young dancing backstage. The experts seem old, with hair that was white. The young mother with three children also came to the dance performances. After the event, the mother was carrying her three children into the back of the stage, looking for the expert, and introduced her three children to the expert. The experts still recognize this young mother, and then they talked intimately.
The mother asked, "Sir, there is one question that lump in my heart. It's about my appearance while dancing in front of you for many - years ago. So much jelekkah my appearance at the time, so you leave me to go straight away, without saying a word word? ".
"Oh yes, I remember the event. Frankly, I've never seen such a beautiful dance you do at that time. I think you will become a world class dancer. I do not understand why you came to - came to retire from the world of dance", replied the expert.
The young mother was very surprised to hear answers to the expert. "It's unfair," cried the mother. "The attitude you've stolen all my dreams. If I have a nice dance, why you left me just when I just danced a few minutes. You ought to praise me, and not just ignored me. Should I become a world class dancer. Not only clerk! ".
The expert replied quietly: "No .... No, I think I've done it right. You do not have to drink a barrel of wine to prove the wine was delicious. It also happened to me. I do not have to watch you 10 minutes to prove you dance good. That night I also really tired after the show. So I leave you for a moment, to take my card, and hope you will contact me again the next days. But you were gone when I get out. And one more thing you have to mind you, that you should focus on your dreams, not on words or my actions. Then praise? You expect praise? Ah, then you are growing. Praising it as a double-edged sword. memotivasimu sometimes, can also melemahkanmu. And I saw the fact that most of the praise given at the time a person is growing, only to make him happy and stop its growth. I actually prefer ignoring you, so that it can grow even faster melecutmu. Moreover, the praise should come from the desire of my own. You should not ask for a compliment from you others. You see, this is really just a small matter. Had you at that time not ignoring what is happening and keep dancing, maybe today you have become a world class dancer. maybe you hurt at the time, but you will quickly hurt lost your train back. but it hurt that you regret the day this will never be lost for ever ... ... .. ".
Have you ever met a thief `dream '?
Knowingly or not, today we live in a very negative environment. Once we got up early, probably faint - faint've heard grumbles next door neighbor, and went to the bus office, met with several singers who asked for money by way of force.
At work, some colleagues may complain about work very much. Then one of your other colleagues also complained about a small salary, and do not ride-up since last year.
That is the environment faced by most of us. And the `dream stealers' that lie between them. They may associate our office, our neighbors, our colleagues, or even our own spouse. The problem is, because we too often hear negative things all the time around us, the utterance of the `dream stealers' such as - if it is something that is considered true, and we are wrong.
Thieves `dream 'can not be avoided, because they are always around us. They must be faced. One way to deal with it, is to ignore anything they say about our dreams. We went forward with our strong determination.
But in certain positions, sometimes things we can not do this. For example if the `thief's dream 'is someone who rank above or parallel to us, such as parents, wife, brother, or sister. In this case, we also need not argue with them. Actually they're not like us achieve our dreams, but they can not bear to see our struggles in the process of achieving that dream. But they say this with no words, may not, does not need and so forth.
We can still achieve your dreams in another way, namely by keeping our dreams alone. No one else who needs to know our dreams. We will only inform the person - people closest to us when we are already achieving it. So we're just giving goalnya, but they do not need to know the process. This method is quite effective in keeping our dreams remain on the right track, without `interference 'from outside. But this method requires tremendous mental patience, particularly because as social beings, we always want to tell the neighborhood about ourselves, our lives and our dreams.
Try to imagine the story the girl dancers in the story above. What if he's still dancing, without ever meeting with the experts? Maybe he has been a dancer world. But an encounter with the expert, has made the girl feel that the expert is `a thief's dream '.
Now, what about you, Which means you use to maintain your dream? Whatever way you use, focus is always on goalnya, but not on the process. Use your brain when you're chasing him, and use our hearts when he reached the summit!
Success for our dreams!

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