Senin, 03 Mei 2010

Teach Me Holding Hedgehogs

One Day ... Yulia waiting with enthusiasm.
His little legs move back and forth from living room to the front door.
He glanced at the road front of the house ... Yet exist.
Yulia go again ... Get out more, yet there also.
Sign more ... Out again ... So go on for nearly an hour.
Mbok's voice repeatedly telling him to eat first, he gubris tid ak.
At 18:30, "... Tiiiinnnnn Tinnn ...!!"
Small Yulia jumped excitedly, "Mama's home! Daddy's home!"
He saw two people who loved it so she went into the house.
The other one went straight to the bathroom.
The other one threw himself on the couch rubbing her head.
The faces are tired after working all day, making a living for the family, for this little one as well ... Yulia which certainly do not understand much.
In the developing brain, Yulia just know that he missed Mama and Papa, and he was excited because Mommy and Daddy had gone home.
"Mama, mama .... Mama, mama ....", Yulia gestured for attention.
"Mama Mama ....", silent.
Yulia anxiously asked, "Mommy was sick huh? Where does it hurt? ... Mom, where does it hurt?"
Ak tid Mama replied, wrinkling his eyebrows as he just closed his eyes.
Yulia intensified asked, "Mama, mama ... where does it hurt? Yulia ambilin drugs huh? Yes? Yes?"
Suddenly ... "Yulia!! Head mama again dizzy! You be quiet please!", Mama snapped with a high voice.
Shocked ...!!
Yulia retreat perlan ...
His eyes narrowed.
Shaking his little feet ...
Confused ...
"Yulia is what? Yulia Dear Mama ... Yulia one what? "Fear, fear, Yulia away into a corner. Mama watched from afar, which re-sort the ngurut head.
Yulia cerebellum continues to wonder, "Mama, what Yulia wrong? Mama likes ak tid near Yulia huh? What's disturbing Yulia Mama? Peterson tid ak should love Mama? "
Similar events occur.
And cerebellum Yulia record everything.
So the years passed.
Yulia small tid ak again.
Yulia taller.
Yulia teenagers ...
Yulia started to move toward adulthood.
"Tin Tiiinnn ... ..!"
Mama came home. Papa came home.
Yulia lower legs of the table.
Turning off the TV.
Hurriedly went upstairs to her room and locked the door.
Disappeared from view.
"Yulia where?"
"I eat first, sir, ma'am."
That night they came back just to eat alone.
In the silence of thinking with your heart hurt, "Why would my own daughter, who kubesarkan with difficulty, with hard work, it seems t o likes to spend time together, do with me? What have I done? What is my sin?
Ah, kids these days are the same tid ak respect parents know!
Unlike earlier times. "
Above, Yulia watched two people he loved most in silence.
From a distance ... From the place where he would not hurt.
"Mama, Papa. Tell me, how to hug a porcupine?".

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