Senin, 03 Mei 2010


One day, a poor boy who lived from hawkers selling from door to door, finding that only a few cents dikantongnya money, and he's very hungry. The boy decides to ask for food from the next house. But the child loses the courage as a young woman opened the door of the house. The boy did not ask for food, he only dared to ask for a glass of water.
The young woman was seeing, and thinking that these boys must be hungry, so he brought a large glass of milk.
The boy drank it slowly, and then asked, "how much should I pay for a large glass of this milk?".
The woman replied, "You do not have to pay anything."
"Our mother taught me to not get paid for good" says the woman added.
The boy then spent his milk and said, "from inside my heart I sincerely thank you."
Many years later, the young woman who was critically ill. The doctors in the city was not able menganganinya. They finally sent it to the big city, where there are specialists who can deal with these rare diseases. Dr. Howard Kelly was called in to investigate. By the time he heard the name of the woman's home town, going through a sheaf of strange radiance of the eye doctor Kelly. Immediately he rose and hurried down the hall of the hospital, heading for the woman's room. With the dressing gown he went to the medicine woman. He immediately recognized her at once. He later returned to the consulting room and decided to make its best effort to save the life of the woman. Starting that day, he always gives special attention to the case of the woman.
After a long struggle, finally gained the victory ... She was cured!!.
Dr. Kelly asked for the financial part of the hospital to send all medical bills to him for approval. Dr. Kelly saw it, and wrote something on the top corners of the sheets of bills, and then send it to the patient's room.
She was afraid to open those bills, he is very confident that he will not be able to pay these bills must be repaid even if the rest of his life. Finally he ventured to read the bill, and there is something that caught his eye at the top corners of the charge sheet. He read the sign that reads .. "It has paid off with a big glass of milk ..", Signed, Dr. Howard Kelly.
Tears of joy flooded her eyes. He prayed: "Lord, thank you, that your love has filled the whole earth through the hearts and hands of man."

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