Senin, 03 Mei 2010


Once, there was a little girl who asked his father, when he accidentally saw his father being wiped his face started to twitch-wrinkles with his body bent - bent, accompanied by a cough - cough. "Daddy, why my father's face more wrinkled - wrinkles with my father's body were increasingly bent?".
His father replied, "Because I'm male - male".
The little girl murmured, "I do not understand".
His father just smiled and stroked her hair, patting his son - patting her shoulder, then his father said, "Son, you did not understand about men - men."
Out of curiosity, then the little girl's mother approached and asked, "Mommy, why is Daddy so wrinkled faces - wrinkles and body were increasingly bent? And it seems my father became so without any complaints and pain?".
Her mother replied, "My son, a man - a man who really - really the responsibility of the family would indeed be the case."
That's the Mother answers.
The little girl rose and then grow into an adult, but he still wondered why Her father, who was a handsome face becomes wrinkled - wrinkles and the body becomes bent - bent? Until one night, the child she was dreaming. In the dream it seemed - as if she heard a voice so gentle, yet very clear. And the words - words that sound clearly turned out a series of sentences as an answer for this kepenasarannya taste.
"When I created man - man, I made him as leader of the family as well as pillars of building a family, she always will try to hold each end, so that families feel safe, sheltered and protected.
I create a broad and muscular shoulders to slam - kegagahannya tulangmenghidupi entire family and also must be strong enough to protect the entire family.
I had given her willingness to always try to find a bite of rice yangberasal from his own sweat drops of kosher and clean, so that his family was not displaced, although sometimes he gets a reprimand from the child - her son.
I had given courage and mental steel will make himself never gave up, for the sake of his family he gave up his skin stung by the heat of the sun,
for the sake of his family he gave up his body doused berbasah soaking wet and cold because the wind, she drained perkasanya relakan power for the sake of his family, and he always remembered, is when all the people waiting for him to expect results from the fruit of his - of his ways.
I give you patience, perseverance and tenacity that will make him always trying to care for and guide the family without any outcry, although every travel weariness and pain of life often attacked.
I had given the hard feelings and persistent to try and fight for love and loves his family, in any condition and situation as well, although it is not rare child - her son hurt her, hurt her. Yet it also feels a sense of security has provided protection at a time when the child - her son was sound asleep. And a touch of feeling that is what provides comfort when when he was tapped - patted his shoulder - her son to always love each other and love each other fellow brothers.
I had given him the wisdom and ability to provide understanding and awareness of children - children of the present and the future, although often contested and even abused by the child - her son.
I had given him the wisdom and ability to provide knowledge and awareness, that the good wife is a faithful wife to her husband, a good wife is the wife who always accompany, and together - same deal with life's journey either love or grief, although often it will be wisdom test every loyalty given to the wife, to remain standing, survive,
parallel and complement each other and love each other.
I had given the wrinkles on her face in order to become evidence, that the Man - he thought its always endeavor to seek and find a way to get his family could live in the family and his body bent sakinah order to prove, that as men - men who are responsible for the entire family , always trying hard and devote all his feelings, his strength, tenacity for survival family.
I had given to men - men full responsibility as the leader of the family, as a pillar, so that can be used with as well - good.
And this is the only advantages possessed by men - men, even though this responsibility is a mandate in the world and the hereafter. "
Woke the girl, and soon he ran, purification, ablution and prayers night until the wee hours. After this he approached the booth Her father, who was dhikr, when his father stood embracing her child and kiss his father's palm.
"I heard and felt a burden to you, Father."

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