Senin, 03 Mei 2010


As usual Rudi, Head of Branch in a reputable private company in Jakarta, reached his home at 9 o'clock tonight. Not as usual, Imron, the first of his new son was sitting in third grade who opened the door. He seems to have waited long enough.
"Why not sleep?" Rudi said, kissing her son.
Usually Imron was already asleep when he came home and just awakened when he would leave office the morning. As he followed his father to the family room, Imron replied, "I'm waiting for Papa to go home. Because I want to ask how much is salary Papa?"
"But, unusually, asked why salaries ... Papa? Want to give me money anymore, huh?".
"Ah, baseball. Want to know aja."
"Okay. You should count yourself. Every day he works about 10 hours and paid USD
400 000, -. And every month - average 22 working days counted. Saturday and holiday weeks, sometimes saturday Papa was still overtime. So Papa's salary in one month how many, behold? ".
Imron run to take paper and pencil from a desk study, while daddy took off his shoes and turned on the television. When Rudi moved to the bedroom to change clothes, Imron ran after him.
"If one day he paid Rp 400,000, - for 10 hours, meaning an hour Papa paid Rp 40.000, - dong ...", he said.
"Wow, you are clever. Already, now wash your feet, sleep," Rudi command. But do not Imron
budged. Papa watching his change of clothes, Imron again asked, "Daddy, I'm allowed to borrow money 5,000, - is not it?".
"There, do not have to kind of - kind again. Why would ask for money that night - the night?
Papa tired. And willing to take a shower. Sleep. "
"But Papa ..."
Rudi's patience runs out, "Papa told me to sleep!" Imron shocking snaps.
The little boy turned toward his room.
After bathing, seemed to regret hardikannya Rudi. He also looked Imron in his bedroom. Her beloved child was not sleeping. Imron was found sobbing - sobbing
slowly while holding the money 15,000, - in his hand.
As I lay down and stroked the head of the little boy, Rudy said, "I'm sorry Papa, dear, dear Papa same Imron. Definition of what is asked for the money that night - the night? If you want to buy toys, tomorrow it could be. Isn'T USD 5000, - more than that Papa no love. "
"Papa, I'm not asking for money. I borrowed. Later I return it if you've saved more than pocket money during the week."
"Yes, yes, but for what?", Tanya Rudi soft.
"I waited for Dad than eight hours. I'm going to ask Dad to play Snakes and ladders. Thirty minutes
only. Mama used to say when the time Papa was very valuable. So, I want to change when Papa. I open my savings, there Rp15.000, -. But because Papa said Papa hour paid Rp 40.000, - then a half hour I had to replace the USD 20 000, -. Money savings of approximately Rp 5000, -. Therefore I want to borrow from Papa, "Imron said innocently.
Rudi was silent. He lost his words - words. He embraced the little boy close - close to the feelings of emotion.

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